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Children’s Society initiative

Our Chairperson has been in touch with the Childrens Society and because we have a lot of common ground we felt you all might like to get on board with their letter to your MP initiative.

An opportunity to get issues heard

Hi all,

Our latest Good Childhood report found that teenagers are coming under pressure in all areas of their lives. From parental illness to emotional neglect, living in a household struggling with bills to being afraid in their neighbourhood, the serious problems they’re facing are having a damaging impact on their well-being.

Faced with so many complex problems, it is vital young people get the help they need. But cuts to local services mean they often can’t access support until they have already hit crisis point, such as when they have run away from home or are dealing with drug or alcohol abuse.

Will you ask your MP to meet us to find out how they can take action to improve these young people’s lives?

Under pressure

Party conferences held later this month are an opportunity for us to get issues affecting young people heard by people in a position to change things. We will be at Conservative and Labour Party Conferences and we’d like to meet with as many MPs as possible.

Invite your MP to meet us to find out how they can help make sure support is available for young people dealing with serious problems.

Thank you,

Nicole Fassihi

Campaigns team


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