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Members of The POTATO group are very experienced and knowledgable adoptive parents. Our chief advantage is the support we can give one another.

You will find below useful links to external websites and other resources. The Potato Group do not endorse or assume responsibility for any information provided by third parties.

  • Living with trauma
    For adoptive parents and professionals. FAB Parents - Potato Member, Helen Oakwater, has developed this excellent resource which includes articles, training, tools, concepts, ideas, philosophy and mentoring. Beacon House (Therapeutic Services & Trauma Team) - Very clear explanations of Developmental Trauma and therapuetic parenting for both parents and professioanls. The Lost Children of Trauma - Video from The Open Nest produced by adopters and adoptees to raise awareness of the support needs of traumatised children. Bessel van der Kolk on Developmental Trauma Disorder - PDF looking at his rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories Dan Hughes What is PACE? - A way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to make the child feel safe. The Great Behaviour Breakdown - The Post Institute. Trauma informed education, and specific strategies for parents. Videos from The Post Institute - Bryan Post presents a uniquely different understanding of the effects of child abuse and neglect, the long lasting behaviors that result from these life experiences, and what we can do to help these most vulnerable children.
  • Links to general adoption related external websites
    Adoption UK - National charity who offer support for adoptive families around the UK Special Guardians & Adopters Together - As a group, SG&AT tries to provide a platform for Special Guardians and Adopters - and our children, to be heard. Adopters & Foster Carers Support - Forum support for adoptive families Coram BAAF (British Association of Adoption and Fostering) - Legal & information for adoptive families Coram Voice - A guide to care leavers rights and entitlements Adoption Academy - Gill Tree started Adoption Academy in 2014 after adopting her son. She has walked in the shoes of those who are on the receiving end of defiance, aggression and manipulation, providing her with a unique empathy and understanding. The Open Nest - Supporting families living with the consequences of traumatic events. Inspired Foundations - Training and support services for parents and professionals who live or work with looked-after, adopted or vulnerable children. Dad Info -Large connected community of active, involved Dads with an interactive forum, providing great peer to peer support and advice.
  • In the Media
    Interviews involving Potato Group members Victoria Derbyshire talking about how Potato members often face crisis with their traumatised adopted young people and the professionals lack capacity to help. It emphasises how important POTATO group is to families in terms of support and expert knowledge having had many families having faced similar troubles in the past. The video can be found on our homepage. This LBC interview was with two members of our group (using alias to protect their family identities.) Generally talking about some of the challenges many adoptive families face and the desperate need for relevant, robust support. The interview can be found on our homepage.
  • Education
    Below are links to sites which may help those struggling with education issues IPSEA (Independent Provider of Special Education Advice) - numerous resources for use in educational settings. Particularly helpful for information on EHCP's. PAC-UK's Education Service - services to enable schools, parents & guardians and education and social care professionals to meet the needs of children who have experienced difficult starts in life.
  • Practical Guidance for dealing with professionals
    One area that comes up again and again is the difficulties our families face dealing with professionals in terms of our traumatised adopted young people. Culture: Working with professionals This article considers the different viewpoints of professionals and adopters and the use of language. Uniquely helpful in speaking to both professionals and adopters alike, it is essential reading for anyone facing meetings with these two groups present. IRO Handout Written to assist when you have a young person who is being seen by an Independent Reviewing Officer, once they have gone into the care system.
  • Lawyers and Legally qualified people - POTATO families need YOU!
    Please take a look at our excellent guidelines for supporting adoptive families in the UK who need your help with their traumatised adopted young people in mind. These guidelines surround Family Law conferences and resolution. Resolution and Family Law Conferences - Legal Support Guidelines for helping POTATO families.

Are you an adoptive parent? Would you like to join our group?

The Potato Group
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