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Do you like arts and crafts? Or just to meet fellow adoptive parents and have a well deserved break and recharge your batteries?

Come on up to Sheffield and take part in PAD! We still have a few places left if you are a member of POTATO group and are quick off the mark…

email and subject line: PAD 2018.

Potato Arts Day 2018

We are so excited to be having another POTATO arts day!

You might be into painting or more a cut and stick or a learn a new technique type of person. Everyone is very friendly and you would be very welcome even if you don’t know any participants closely.

Later this month, April 2018, we are holding our third Potato Art Day which is growing into a self-care weekend. 

Potato members from across the UK get the chance to meet friends whom they have previously only met online, to accept overnight hospitality from other Potatoes, to share a therapeutic alpaca trek and a meal out as well as a day of art and craft activities.  This year will include Raku pottery, wire sculpture, papercraft, crochet, drawing, a wish tree and a raffle.

alpaca walking

This weeks piece is all about WHY POTATO group members need a break and what sort of break the PAD provides.

If you are an adoptive parent and would like to join our group please visit our membership page


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