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What Free School Meals Meant to Me

This is the letter that the adult adopted daughter of one of our members wrote to her MP.

What free school meals meant to me

It’s a powerful reminder of just how important free school meals are for neglected or deprived children.

So this is something that is really upsetting me.

Long story short, school meals helped save me and my siblings.

If I hadn’t only ate half of my school lunch and take the rest home to share for our dinner, the teachers wouldn’t have clicked on to something not being right at home nor would they have reported it to social services. Who could know what would’ve happened if they didn’t. The amount of children who do not have access to food at home is sickening, living below the breadline, and now essentially being taught that the privileged always come first.

It’s not the child’s fault they’re in that situation but you’re teaching them it is because at the end of the day that’s who’s being punished. It just breeds negativity into them even more. But it’s all groovy because you get your £3000+ pay rise and free hot meals, go back to your warm homes, so why would it stop you from sleeping at night?

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