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What every social worker should know working with adoptive parents.

Even when the adoption order is through it’s very clear that families need support from professional people who can access relevant help for our traumatised young people and their families.

What every social worker should know working with adoptive parents

Sadly, our experiences of services often fall short and at times catastrophically so for our family lives. Our traumatised adopted teens get very badly effected.

There’s a few total diamonds in the service, I’m a committee member of POTATO writing to you today and I can name a few. We would like to see the standards raised to excellent across the board helping post adoptive families.

Every now and again, we come across something that resonates so loudly with our collective experiences that we want to share it.

This is a piece published here with permission of the author (yes, we asked!)

Essential reading for anyone involved in post adoption, especially social workers.

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