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Time out! It’s Mother’s Day

As Mothers Day can cause a lot of upset for families with traumatised adoptees in them we have decided to have a TIME OUT event. The adoptee might be making you upset, grumpy and hopeless. You have been firmly naughty stepped for being called MUM. So as the mum’s who are on the naughty step, we encourage you to disobediently have a lovely treat whatever your young persons challenges may be. This event has to be a time for Mum to do what SHE chooses for at least 30 minutes (ideally an hour). If your adopted person isn’t in contact with your family, please take some extra time out.

Including the ever popular ideas of drinking, eating and erm, drinking and eating. Here are some other ideas:



walk the dog

walk with friends

Just take a selfie or picture of what activities you’ve chosen for your TIME OUT and post on our facebook group page.


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