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Door left ajar

Was it ever right that I tried to be your mummy? How could you accept that when I wasn’t ‘tummy mummy’? She made you and she bore you, And she loved you from the start, She just didn’t have the wherewithal to keep you in her heart, I wanted to replace her And give you all l could, I wanted you to be secure And make your life feel good. We took you in our family A daughter and a sister, We loved you and we cherished you But still you really missed her. No love nor understanding Could take away your pain, No therapy nor counselling Could make us both feel sane. We battled and we struggled

And I tried to keep you near, But it wasn’t really possible Because of all the fear. It all went wrong, we asked for help But no one really cared, Or maybe they just didn’t see We both were really scared. I let you down, I should have had The strength to battle on. I never will forgive myself Now that our chance is gone. But even now, there is a bond Of that I feel quite sure I only hope you feel it too And leave ajar the door

Used with permission from Poet:  Janet Barraclough


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